Responsibilities of Home/Lot Owners

Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions for Warberg Farm Homeowners Association, Article V--Design Review Board, 5.2 Address of the Design Review Board:
...Prior to commencement of work to accomplish any proposed improvement to property, the person proposing to make such improvement to property (Applicant) shall submit to the Design Review Board such descriptions, surveys, plot plans, drainage plans, elevation drawings, landscaping plans, constructions plans, specifications and samples of materials and colors as the Design Review Board shall reasonably request showing the nature, kind, shape, height, width, color, materials and location of the proposed improvement to property. The Applicant shall be entitled to receive a receipt for the same from the Design Review Board or its authorized agent. The Design Review Board may require submission of additional plans, specification or other information prior to approving or disapproving the proposed improvement to property. Until receipt by the Design Review Board of all required materials in connection with the proposed improvement to property, the Design Review Board may postpone review of any materials submitted for approval.

All Homeowners/Lot Owners should familiarize themselves with the Use and Restrictions put forth by the CCR's, especially in the following areas:

Article III--Use and Other Restrictions
3.2 (c) Height of Structure, Exterior Materials, Roofing Materials
3.3      Landscape Plan Approval
3.12    Temporary Structures/Storage Sheds
3.16    Fencing
3.17    Wind or Solar Powered Generators
3.25    Trees and Ground Cover
3.28    Commencing Construction
3.31    Exterior Lighting
3.32    Boundary Adjustments

Article IV--Equestrian Covenants
4.2      Outlying Structures and fencing

Article V--Design Review Board
Entire Section, 5.1 through 5.17